We work with you in person.

A standard, small business website can start at $3,000 and climb up to $10,000. It's because the process isn't designed for small business. We wanted to make websites quick and affordable, but without sacrificing quality. With cutting edge tools, we're able to design your website in-front of you to allow you more creative control. It's about getting the job done right the first time.


Powerful tools that are easy to use.

You run a business, and that means your job isn't to understand the inner workings of a website and code. Your job is also not to chase around a web designer to make changes or updates. We give you easy to use tools that are powerful enough to have complete control of your website always. You also get access to Squarespace's legendary 24/7 support.


Socially connected

The beauty of an integrated system is that you'll be able to stay connected. You can connect all your social media profiles, email accounts, contact info (and much more), right out of the box. Your website can share things to your connected services, and receive things as well. Everything you need is built in and controlled from your website, so there's no extra complicated tools to use.


Everything you need, all included.

The right start - Instead of tacking on extra costs and monthly fees for your website, we use a platform and a strategy that is all inclusive, powerful and simple. All the essential features like hosting, a CMS, domain name, e-commerce, analytics and more are all included for everyone.

Squarespace is your platform - Over a decade spent perfecting online publishing and a brilliant team of over 200 people. With 24/7 support, always online cloud hosting and e-commerce. This is the best online platform for small business. We work closely with Squarespace every day.


What really makes a Thain Site.

Your website is just a start - We also do branding!

At the same table
Today, building a website means endless emails and phone calls back and forth to get it done. Instead, we prefer to work with our clients in-person.

A simple process
With our new and intuitive process, you can have your website ready for tomorrow. We already have everything in place and prepared for you, all it takes is to contact us.

All inclusive, no surprises
One price covers everything required for us to build you a small business website. There's no hidden fees, scouts honor, and 1 year of hosting is included.

Goodbye invoices
This is a process that's designed to be quick and simple. We develop your site, and you pay simply like you would at any store. We'll also send you a reciept.

Authentic SEO
It's important to properly establish your website online, and there's no room for old-school practices. We handle everything, and ensure your website showcases your authentic voice. Hint: Keywords are out.

Training & Support
We want to make sure you're confident to have complete control of your website. We will teach you everything you need to know, and answer any of the questions you have, all while building your website.

Customized for you
We've taken the time to build onto the Squarespace platform to tailor it for small business. From the smallest improvements like rounding corners on buttons, to building entirely new features, like our mobile dock.

Quality content
We've built a solid reputation for creating quality brands. We're taking that knowledge and applying it to your website and fine-tuning your copy to ensure your customers understand your message.

Branding & Logos
We can take your website even further with a custom brand identity, our other specialty. We have worked with the best businesses in Barrie to create beautiful, impacting logos and brands that work. Learn more.