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The Problem

Websites for small businesses have always been an expensive and hefty undertaking to set up and maintain. This leaves most customers with an outdated fiasco.

The Solution

Starting with a clean slate, we analyzed all the problems and have created an intuitive process. We use the proper tools to develop your website easily, affordably and face to face.

Who's it for?

Thain Sites is for new startups, small business, franchises and even individuals who want to refresh their online presence, or start something new.


Hi, I'm Brandon.
I'll be the one working with you to build your website. I've managed and have been a part of many online projects. I can be contacted anytime at brandon@thaincreative.com


Thain Sites on Daytime TV
We recently made an appearance on Rogers TV and talked with host Alex Brown about Thain Sites and talking about "the website fiasco". We also give a sneak peek at some up-coming websites!

Watch here →



The Thain Sites Family

Some of our happy clients.


Amanda Sutton - Catalyst PR
Barrie, Ontario

"My website is no longer a stagnant business card that does not reflect me, it is a living tool that I can change, create and personalize. Thank you for introducing me to this experience. I will recommend to others!"

Keni MacLeod - AvōcoBar
Barrie, Ontario

"It feels like I'm the coach of a sports team and we just drafted the 'secret weapon' player... AvōcoBar's web and media stuff just got silly! I wish the English language had a word that I could use to describe how happy I am to be working with Thain Sites."


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