A proven process.

During our few hours together, we'll get to know each other. We'll set up your website's content, create a tailored design and everything between. We train you every step of the way and ensure that when you walk out the door, your website is ready to go!

A relaxed environment.

Bring your laptop, coffee and muffins. We're here to work with you and accommodate your specific needs. No matter your technical skill level or ability to commit to your website, we're here to support you every step of the way.


A better way to create websites.

Our targeted process - vetted and finely tuned to create quality websites for small business in Barrie. We're here do delight you every step of the way and create something that will last.


To ensure your appointment process goes off without a hitch, we require that all Thain Sites clients are prepared. Bring all your copy (text for your pages) in an electronic format. Also, collect all the images, videos and other assets (PDFs, audio files, documents) you would like on your website as well. We will fine-tune everything so it's beautiful and communicates your ideas.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
— Abraham Lincoln

What if I don't know what I want on my website yet? - That's not a bad thing. You can book time to come back and we can help you add it, but you shouldn't have any trouble adding it yourself.

What if I don't have my photos/copy? - We ask that all clients come prepared, but sometimes the dog eats your homework. That's ok, we will show you how to add them to your website easily on your own time.


Your appointment

Over a few hours, we will bring your website to life! During your appointment we will set up your website, implement your content, create a unique look and feel and ensure you're satisfied. We perform all of this at the same table with you, and you get to be a part of every step of the process.

There's room for your laptop, gadgets and snacks that you bring along as well as coffee to keep everyone energized and plugged in.

Hi, I'm Brandon.
I'll be the one sitting with you and working to build your website. I've managed and have been a part of many online projects. I can be contacted anytime at brandon@thaincreative.com.

How do I book more time? - Just let us know and we will set you up with a follow up appointment. Our hourly rate is $100/hr and you can book anytime.

When is my website ready? - Your website is ready when you leave and is pushed live in under 72 hours. If you would like to hold off your launch for a later time, let us know.


Follow up

After your website is launched, you're off to the races. You will be able to make changes, updates and add content yourself at anytime, so there's no need to wait on us. We will make sure you're settled in and comfortable with the tools we provide.

Your website is designed to grow with you, so we will always be here when you're ready to take the next big step and you can book time anytime. We will set you up with Squarespace's award winning 24/7 customer care team to handle any issues you have (they're way faster than we are).

Your website is just the beginning - We have a large directory of the best online tools for your business. From accepting credit cards using your phone to marketing tools and local resources.

Do I have to manage my website myself? - Not at all. The platform and tools we use are designed so you can change your website without our help. If you aren't able to manage your site or you just don't have the time, we offer our Maintain service (starting at $99/mo) to manage your website for you.


How do I schedule an appointment?

Simply fill out the application form by clicking the "Apply Now" button above. We will get in touch as soon as we can to say hi and set up an appointment with you.

Can I book for tomorrow?

As long as you're prepared and have everything you need, absoloutly! We always make sure our clients are prepared before arriving to keep the process simple and efficient.