The Custom Salad Shop


Keni Macleod - Owner
"It feels like I'm the coach of a sports team and we just drafted the 'secret weapon' player... AvōcoBar's web and media stuff just got silly! I wish the English language had a word that I could use to describe how happy I am to be working with Thain Sites."


Presenting AvōcoBar


Desktop version of the AvocoBar website.

Mobile version of the AvocoBar website


What is AvōcoBar?

Everyone loves eating healthy, they really do for realsies. What they don't like is the hassle, expense and pretentiousness of eating healthy. It makes it a cumbersome task to fuel our body with the yummy nutrition it needs.

Keni's goal was to take the quick, easy and convenient fast food model that we all know (and love) and trade in the greasy wrappers for super freshness.

The Custom Salad Bar and it's new Thain Site has been a huge success, and customers all over Barrie are raving about the delicious salads and yummy wraps.

Services provided

Website consultation
Worked with the team to define the vision for the website and devise a strategy to launch the brand.

Custom design
We worked with AvōcoBar to bring their salad bar experience to the web.

Social media management
We set up the social media presence for AvōcoBar and gave them direction on how to reach as many people as possible.

Brand strategy
We also worked with the team to refine their existing brand.


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