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Amanda Sutton - Owner
"My website is no longer a stagnant business card that does not reflect me, it is a living tool that I can change, create and personalize. Thank you for introducing me to this experience. I will recommend to others!"


Presenting Catalyst PR


Desktop version of the Catalyst PR website.

Mobile version of the Catalyst PR website


What is Catalyst PR?

In this age of fast-paced messaging and connected consumers, it's important to evolve your marketing & press efforts. Amanda Sutton at Catalyst PR understands the landscape of public relations and can make your message heard.

Her focus is to understand your business, your team and your values & goals. She's almost like a translator, taking what you want to say to your customers and presenting it in a way that will impact. Catalyst PR helps you walk your talk.

Services provided

Website consultation
Worked with Amanda to define the vision for the website and devise a strategy to launch the brand.

Custom design
We worked with Amanda to bring her message to everyone and present it on the web.

Social media management
We assisted Amanda in her social media efforts and gave her direction on how to reach as many people as possible.

SEO brief
We also talked with Amanda on the new-age of Search Engine Optimization and how to focus on being honest and authentic.