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Presenting Millgrove Vet


Desktop version of the Millgrove Vet website.

Mobile version of the Millgrove Vet website


Services provided

Website consultation
Worked with Lisa to define the vision for the website and devise a strategy to launch her brand.

Custom design
We worked with Lisa to bring her message to everyone and present it on the web using detailed design and great photos.

Branding re-design
We re-worked the Millgrove Vet brand with a new brand identity, logo, color scheme and more.

Brandon & Thain Sites fan, Cameron

What is Millgrove Vet?

When it comes to veterinary care, Millgrove Vet is focused on every aspect of comfort for your animals. They work with small and large animals using conventional and complementary therapies. In addition to appointments at their office, they also provide house and barn calls.

They also perform services such as surgeries, dentistries, ultrasounds and X-rays at a small animal clinic in Oakville where Lisa, Millgrove Vet's owner, oversees everything.

Lisa is an animal lover at heart and her attention to detail and passion for animals was apparent every time we worked together on the website.

We also had the chance to meet her son, Cameron, who's a fan of our work and a very smart, creative entrepreneur.