Multi-Trade Construction

Contracting with making money in mind.


Presenting MTC


Desktop version of the MTC website.

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What is MTC?

Multi-Trade Construction is a fully licensed and insured contract powerhouse. Operated by Richard Messina, MTC is focused on helping property owners and buyers get the most out of their investments.

Richard is also a real-estate agent, so he brings these contracting skills to the table when it comes to buying a new home or rental property.

Services provided

Website consultation
Worked with Richard to define the vision for the website and devise a strategy to launch his brand.

Custom website design
We worked with Richard to bring his message to everyone and present it on the web with a custom design and great photography.

Branding design
We created a brand identity for Multi-Trade Construction with a logo, website and other business assets.

We worked with Jan Strouhal in our studio to capture some great photos of Richard.